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Domek mobilny D to budynek mobilny z płaskim dachem – domek o nowoczesnej architekturze. Dom mobilny D w bazowej wersji ma wymiary zewnętrzne 10,6m x 4,2m. Dom mobilny D występuje też w wariancie powiększonym o wymiarach: 12,2m x 4,2m. Charakterystycznymi elementami tego domku mobilnego jest jego płaski dach, oraz kontrastowe elewacje z dwoma ciemnymi narożnikami wciętymi w bryłę. Narożnik domu mobilnego od strony wejściowo-tarasowej ma duże narożne okno balkonowe świetnie doświetlające wnętrze salonu.



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Mobile house


Mobile house D - this is our proposal for a mobile house with a block with a flat roof - a house with modern designer architecture. The Model D mobile house in its basic version has external dimensions of 10.6 x 4.2 m. The house is also available in an extended version with dimensions of 12.2 x 4.2 m.

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The corner from the entrance-terrace side has a large corner balcony window that perfectly illuminates the interior of the living room. The Model D mobile house is available in 6 functional variants, with different layouts of rooms and furniture. The external appearance of the house can be changed and adapted to the tastes and requirements of the customer. We can use any color scheme and many types of wall finishing materials. The house can be combined with subsequent modules in any arrangement - one next to the other, or in the form of the letter "L", if the owners want to obtain additional usable space. This can be done by ordering two modules at once, or you can buy additional parts of the house at a later time. Complete freedom.

Mobile house D from the outside

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