Domek mobilny model D

Mobile house


Mobile house D - this is our proposal for a mobile house with a block with a flat roof - a house with modern designer architecture. The Model D mobile house in its basic version has external dimensions of 10.6 x 4.2 m. The house is also available in an extended version with dimensions of 12.2 x 4.2 m.

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The corner from the entrance-terrace side has a large corner balcony window that perfectly illuminates the interior of the living room. The Model D mobile house is available in 6 functional variants, with different layouts of rooms and furniture. The external appearance of the house can be changed and adapted to the tastes and requirements of the customer. We can use any color scheme and many types of wall finishing materials. The house can be combined with subsequent modules in any arrangement - one next to the other, or in the form of the letter "L", if the owners want to obtain additional usable space. This can be done by ordering two modules at once, or you can buy additional parts of the house at a later time. Complete freedom.

Mobile house D from the outside

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The walls of the D mobile house in the basic version are finished with a cladding made of Vinylit panels. But many other materials can be used here - for example, economical Vifront panels, or Kerrafront panels, or natural wood cladding (facade boards or rhombus boards). We can also make a façade combining seam sheet metal fragments with wooden cladding, or make the entire metal façade at all.

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Everything depends on the taste and decision of the customer. The roof of mobile house D is practically invisible - hidden behind the attic of the wall. The roof has a minimum slope and is made of a roofing membrane, or alternatively of a heat-welded roofing felt, or of a sheet with a bent standing seam. The colors of the house finished with facade panels can be freely changed, from the proposed wooden combination in combination with a contrasting graphite finish, through light colors - white or gray, to the black facade. The appearance of external facades - the arrangement of windows, balcony doors and entrance doors can also be changed according to the choice of variant version of the interior of the house. The base variant and versions 2 and 3 have a glazed living room corner. Versions 4, 5 and 6 have a living room in the middle of the projection and a wide terrace glazing also in the middle part of the façade. The Model D mobile house can be made on a mobile floor frame - with wheels, or on a fixed floor frame - without wheels and therefore lower. In both cases, we suggest placing the house on point foundations. In both versions of the frame, the house is one compact whole and can be transported and moved without any problems.

Interior of a mobile house D

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The interior of the Model D house was designed as a living area with a combined living room with a kitchenette and an entrance hall, and a part with two bedrooms and a bathroom. The functional layout of the house ensures a comfortable life for a family of four, regardless of whether the house will be used as a holiday house or a year-round. Large glazing from floor to ceiling, and a flat ceiling finished with wood give the interior a modern touch. The house looks like a modernist pavilion - very designer and fashionable.

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The interior of the house in every available equipment option is completely finished, with walls, ceilings and floors. The internal walls are finished with PVC or Strama boards, and their fragment with a contrasting furniture board. Wall fragments can also be finished with Kerradeco or Fibo panels. On request, we can use plasterboard or Fermacell wall finishes. The ceilings of the house are lined with natural wood (as in a model house), or alternatively with Strama boards. The floors of the Model E house are lined with a Lentex PVC floor covering with high abrasion resistance. We can also offer a floor made of vinyl panels, or alternatively a floor made of laminated wood floor panels. In the Premium version, the house is fully furnished - we make the furniture ourselves in our carpentry shop. The furniture is made of wood-like laminated boards, and without wood texture in the selected color. Household appliances, sanitary utensils, and upholstered furniture are a possible part of the house's equipment - depending on the selected specification.

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Virtual tour around the house

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Parameters of the mobile house D

The Model D mobile house is available in two sizes: the basic version with dimensions of 10.6 x 4.2 m, and the extended version of 12.2 x 4.2 m. We offer 6 variant versions of the interior layout (see below - variants of the model D mobile house ). The structure of the house consists of a lower steel floor frame - painted or galvanized, depending on the selected specification. The remaining elements of the house structure: ceiling, floor, walls and roof are made of a wooden frame made of certified C24 wood. The floor, walls and roof are insulated: thermally, damp-proof and windproof - with mineral wool, vapor barrier foils and membranes.

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Partitions ensure diffusion openness, high tightness and very good vapor barrier. Depending on the choice of a summer house or a year-round house - the thickness of thermal insulation varies. Insulation in external walls is 10, 15 or 20 cm of wool, floor insulation - 15 or 20 cm, ceiling insulation - 15, 20, 25 or 30 cm. Floor finish - 22 mm construction boards and final flooring. Finishing the walls and ceilings from the inside: PVC or Strama boards + furniture board, or Kerradeco, Fibo, or alternatively, plasterboards or Fermacell. External wall finishing: Vox Vifront or Kerrafront wall panels, or Vinylit panels, or alternatively natural wood (elevation board or rhombus board). The house can also be finished entirely with seam sheet or panel sheet, or the façade can be made as a mix of wood and sheet. Roofing: roofing membrane, or heat-welded roofing felt, or closed seam sheet. External window and door joinery: double-pane or triple-pane PVC windows - depending on the purpose of the house. Exterior doors - PVC glazed or full steel. Interior doors: board Dre, or on request, damp-proof varnished board.

External dimensions4,2 x 10,6 m 
Building area44,05 m2
Total area44,05 m2
Usable area36,57 m2
Gross volume130 m3
Net volume91 m3
Number of people / beds4 (+2)
The height from the floor to the ridge3,06 m
Ridge height with frame without wheels3,63 m
Ridge height with frame on wheels3,90 m
Room height2,45 m
The angle of the roof1,5 degrees
The weight of the house9 tones
House structureSteel and wood
Minimum number of support points for a point foundation6
Energy performance for year-round versionEP 69,1 kWh/(m2)
* parameters refer to the base variant D

Installations in the house:

Complete electrical installation 230/380 V with a fuse panel, with a set of sockets, connectors and ceiling lighting points.

Water and sewage system with power supply and sewage disposal under the floor of the house, with a water drain

Heating installation to choose from - electric radiators with programmers and thermostats, or electric underfloor heating, or central heating installation from a gas cylinder boiler or powered by an air-to-water heat pump with heat distribution by radiators or underfloor heating.

Domestic hot water, with a capacity of 50 or 80 L, or a instantaneous hot water heater in a gas furnace, or a heat pump.

Ventilation: in houses in the summer variant, exhaust ventilation with ventilation grilles + window air vents in the windows, in all-year-round houses, we suggest the use of mechanical ventilation with recuperation: with a central recuperator, or alternatively, wall recuperators.

Air conditioning: we offer a split air conditioning installation with an indoor unit in the living room.

Elements of a smart house: we can additionally offer an alarm installation, and management of heating, hot water and mechanical ventilation from the position of the application on a mobile phone.

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Plans of the mobile house D

Plans of the mobile house D

The interior of the house is divided into a living area - with a living room connected to a kitchenette and a corridor, and a night area - with a bathroom and two bedrooms. We get to the house through a wide entrance door with a sidelight to the central hall, from which we go sideways to the living room and bedroom. At the entrance we have a clothes and household wardrobe, with a shoe cabinet and a seat for putting on shoes.

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Then we move on to the living room with an L-shaped corner kitchen and a furnished seating area with a large sofa and a dining area with a table and chairs. In the space between the balcony windows, we designed a TV wall with cabinets and a place for a TV. The living room is bathed in light and has glazing with views on three sides, giving residents the impression of fusion with the surrounding nature. A flat wooden ceiling adds a minimalist modern character to the interior. The master bedroom has a full-size double bed with a chest for storing bedding, a large wardrobe, hanging cabinets and a dressing table with a mirror. The children's bedroom consists of two full-size beds, two wardrobes, hanging cabinets/shelves and a mini desk. The bathroom is designed with a large niche for a shower behind the glass wall of the cabin, with a hanging toilet bowl, a washbasin cabinet, additional shelves and a towel rail radiator. In addition to the basic variant of the mobile house model D, we have designed - 5 variant versions of the functional interior - variant projections are shown below.

Plans of the mobile house D

Mobile house D gallery

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Variants of equipment of modular houses

Our houses are available in three finishing standards:

Basic - a basic variant of a finished house, with a set of installations, but without furniture.

Comfort - a finished variant with a bathroom and kitchen, with kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture, sanitary utensils, household appliances, but without furniture in the rooms.

Premium - fully finished and equipped with a set of furniture and appliances throughout the house in all rooms.

In addition, you have the option of extensive personalization from the elements of additional house furnishings.

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Thanks to the long list of accessories for our mobile houses, you can invent and design your house by choosing colors, materials and solutions according to your needs and taste. The process of configuring and personalizing the house is a very simple and pleasant experience, and its effect is a house made to measure in accordance with the wishes and vision of the client. At every step, our designers and traders provide advice, assistance and professional advice.


Basic standard of finishing and furnishing of the house:

The steel and wooden structure of the house; steel floor frame welded and painted with highly resistant paints + elements of steel structure of walls and ceilings, structure of the floor, walls and roof made of dried C24 Swedish wood

Axle(s) and wheels complete for yard transport

Drawbar for transport

Anti-moisture insulation, vapor barrier and windproof insulation in the floor, walls and roof

The bottom of the house is secured with a 6mm steel mesh + a membrane that allows the floor to breathe

Thermal insulation 15 cm of mineral wool in the floor and15 cm in the roof. Thermal insulation 10 cm of mineral wool in external walls

Roofing made of metal roof tiles or seamed sheet metal, flashings made of coated metal sheets, PVC gutters and downpipes

PVC double-glazed windows with 6-chamber frames, with ventilators ensuring air circulation inside

Patio doors with a movable post

External PVC glazed doors with a double lock or insulated steel doors with a double lock

External finish of window and door glyphs made of processing sheet

Mdf interior doors in veneer with an adjustable door frame

The floor is finished with a vinyl covering with high abrasion resistance

PVC skirting boards

PVC or mdf ceiling moldings

Finishing the internal walls of the house with wooden cladding with slats and PVC panels

Finishing of the external façade with painted wooden boarding Vox Vifront

Complete installation of water and sewage, electricity, rtv/internet, ventilation

Complete equipment with contacts, sockets, connectors

Preparation of electrics for the installation of electric radiators and an electric boiler

Compact toilet bowl, shower tray, approaches to sanitary utensils and fittings

Fuse switchboard

External installation entrances for water, sewage and electrical power to the house under the floor, with preparation for seasonal water drainage

Ventilation in the bathroom and kitchen - wires and electrical installation

Internal LED lighting

Outputs for external lighting (for wall lamps)

Rtv antenna cable outside the house


Standard Basic and additionally:

Shower cabin 80×80 – 90×90 depending on the house model

Bathroom washbasin with a battery and a lower washbasin cabinet, a mirror and LED backlight

Exhaust bathroom fan

50 L electric boiler in a built-in cabinet

Electric ladder bathroom radiator

Panel electric heaters in each room

Lower kitchen cabinets in standard veneer with a top

Upper kitchen cabinets in standard veneer with LED backlight

Kitchen sink with faucet

Built-in under-counter fridge with freezer compartment

Two-burner electric hob

Kitchen hood built into the upper cabinets


Standard Comfort and additionally:

Dining table with four chairs

TV cabinet in the living room

Wall cabinet in the living room

A bed in the master bedroom with a width of 160 cm with a mattress and a chest for bedding

Beds in a children's bedroom with mattresses

A wardrobe in the master bedroom

A wardrobe in a children's bedroom

Bedside tables and tables in bedrooms (according to the house model)

Wall cabinets in the bedrooms above the beds (according to the model of the house)

The headboards of the beds in the bedrooms are upholstered or made of furniture board

Model D mobile house variants

We offer 6 variant versions of interior development and the size of the block of the house model D. Below we present other variants - apart from the basic interior layout. Versions 1 and 5 have external dimensions of 10.6 x 4.2 m. Versions 2, 3, 4, 6 are larger than the basic variant and have dimensions of 12.2 x 4.2 m. Variants 4, 5 and 6 have a living room located in the central part of the house, and rooms on the sides of the block.

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Kitchenettes are offered with an "L" or "U"-shaped arrangement of furniture, and in the version of the house 6 we also proposed a kitchen with an island. The configurations of shapes and sizes of bedrooms and bathrooms also change depending on the version of the house. Below we present the projections and basic parameters of the variant versions of the Model D mobile house. If you have more questions about the variants - please contact us by phone or e-mail. The presented versions are only examples of the possibilities that can be obtained from a house of such dimensions and parameters. Together with you, we can design your future house from scratch. We invite you to work together.

Mobile house D variant 2

Mobile house D variant 2 is a wider house with dimensions of 12.14 x 4.14 m, with a large living room with a glass corner and an island in the kitchen, and two bedrooms.

Mobile house D variant 2

Mobile house D variant 3

The mobile house D variant 3 has dimensions of 12.14 x 4.14 m, a large living room with a glass corner and a kitchen island, two bedrooms and a master bed at the top of the house.

Mobile house D variant 3

Mobile house D variant 4

Mobile house D variant 4 has dimensions of 10.67 x 4.17 m, a living room in the middle, a U-shaped kitchen, two bedrooms and a master bed in the top.

Mobile house D variant 4

Mobile house D variant 5

Mobile house D variant 5 is a 10.67 x 4.17 m mobile house with a living room in the middle, a U-shaped kitchen, two bedrooms and a side access master bed.

Mobile house D variant 5

Mobile house D variant 6

The mobile house D variant 6 is wider and measures 12.17 x 4.17 m. This mobile house has a living room in the middle, a kitchen with an island and two bedrooms.

Mobile house D variant 6